Now here is something you don't see everyday!! When I say my puppies are well socialized with kids and other animals - I sure do mean it!! Camo I miss you my little one! So Glad you found one special home!
came is doing great and getting long, and is such a joy to have around.Sometime he what gets us through a workday knowing we will get too see him when we get home.Our daughter works at a zoo brought over a young kangaroo
This year, our family decided to get a puppy  and we decided we wanted a miniature yorkie. We searched for breeders in the Massachusetts area and came across Marvel puppies. As first time puppy owners, we were concerned about the responsibilities of the puppy, but Shirley and Ed helped us through the whole process. They helped us select a puppy that would be a perfect fit for us among all the puppies they had, and let us visit while he was still with his mother. They gave us advice and helpful hints to raising a puppy too.
After losing a pet prematurely to illness I vowed never again to buy a puppy from a pet store. I searched long and hard for a breeder who I could trust. When I came across your webpage I studied it for months and felt you were the right person based on the time and details you put into your puppies. You have far exceeded my expectations and still in awe at how wonderful you and your "doxie" family are. You guided me every step of the way and was honest even if it meant not making a sale. You stressed how important it was for the customer to be happy and brought me back to reality a few times when I seemed overwhelmed by all the cute puppies. Your constant updates on new litters and prompt answers to my many many questions solidified my decision. I didn't think anything could be sweeter than your puppies but I was mistaken. YOU ARE! It is no wonder the pups have such a sweet disposition because they are bred by a sweet, caring and loving woman! Thank you so much Marvelle!
Munchy is everything I wanted and then some. Cute, cuddly and spunky. I will certainly be back with my father to get another one of your little ones. It was worth every minute of the 8 hour round trip drive!! Thank you again for everything. Love Denise C and Munchy.
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