Puppy Kits
Here at Stacey Puppies for sale, we love and care for our puppies and do everything possible to get them off to a great start in their precious new lives. We send our puppies home with items to create a great beginning in their lives and to make it easier to transition to their new homes. Our puppies buyers are not just customers to us, but considered our new friends, We send our puppies with a lifetime of support and the items below.
      We send home our Puppies with a puppy care package which consists of: Puppy foodToys
                                             Eukanuba and/or  Purina Puppy kits
                                                                 Food Bowls
                                               Copy of Our Guarantee and Contract
                                         Puppy Birth Certificate (A treasured keepsake)
                                                Registration papers (if applicable)
                                                    Vaccine and worming Records
                          Blanket made with Lots of love from us (and smells like mom and siblings)
                                   Dog treats - from our own Boutique- all natural and healthy
     Samples of Scentsy Candles - We are an Independent Consultant visit us at link below
     Scentsy Car air freshener, hand sanitizer, or air freshener - our choice of what is in And a Special Surprise that is a treasured keepsake and we can guarantee you will not get at any other  breeders.

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